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What is Consent?

Consent: Consent to engage in sexual activity must exist from beginning to end of each instance of sexual activity. Consent is demonstrated through mutually understandable words and/or actions that clearly indicate a willingness to engage in a specific sexual activity. Silence alone, without actions evidencing permission, does not demonstrate Consent. Consent must be knowing and voluntary. To give Consent, a person must be of legal age. Assent does not constitute Consent if obtained through Coercion or from an individual whom the Alleged Offender [herein, Respondent] knows or reasonably should know is Incapacitated. The responsibility of obtaining Consent rests with the person initiating sexual activity. Use of alcohol or drugs does not diminish one’s responsibility to obtain ConsentConsent to engage in sexual activity may be withdrawn by any person at any time. Once withdrawal of Consent has been expressed, the sexual activity must cease. Consent is automatically withdrawn by a person who is no longer capable of giving Consent. A current or previous Consensual dating or sexual relationship between the Parties does not itself imply Consent or preclude a finding of responsibility.

Note: Consent is a voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. Consent to engage in sexual activity with one person does not imply Consent to engage in sexual activity with another. Coercion, force, or threat of either invalidates Consent.