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Title IX Coordinator

When a report is made, the Title IX Coordinator, will conduct an Initial Assessment. The Initial Assessment will determine whether the alleged conduct would present a potential violation of the Policy and whether further action is warranted based on the alleged conduct. 

Where the complainant requests that his/her name or other identifiable information not be shared with Respondent or that no formal action be taken, the Title IX Coordinator will balance this request against the facts and circumstances. Where possible, based on the facts and circumstances, the Title IX Coordinator will seek action consistent with Complainants expressed preference for manner of resolution, recognizing that the University must move forward with cases. 

The University’s ability to fully investigate and respond to a report may be limited if the Complainant requests that their name not be disclosed to Respondent or declines to participate in an Investigation. 

Title IX Coordinator
Teressa LeDay, JD
Buchanan Hall, Room 116