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Confidential Reporting Resources

Some individuals on and off of the University campus are required to maintain near complete confidentiality. Talking to these individuals is sometimes called a privileged communication. The trained professionals designated below can provide counseling, information, and support in a confidential setting. These confidential resources will not share information about a patient/client (including whether that individual has received services) without the individual’s express, written permission unless there is a continuing threat of serious harm to the patient/client or to others or there is a legal obligation to reveal such information (e.g., suspected abuse or neglect of a minor).

Confidential resources may include clergy, medical/healthcare providers, and mental healthcare providers. Some confidential resources are listed below:

On-Campus Confidential Resources:

Off-Campus Confidential Resources

  • Hearts of Hope
    337-233-RAPE (7273)
    Located in Lafayette, LA
    Hearts of Hope provides the survivor with advocacy, counseling, and accompaniment to all medical, forensic, and criminal investigations following an incident of sexual assault or abuse and other related incidents.
  • Faith House
    800-411-1333 (24 hour crisis hotline)
    Faith House provides advocacy, counseling, medical and legal assistance, shelter, safety plans, and accompaniment at hearings for all survivors of interpersonal violence and their children.