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Confidential Advisors

Confidential Advisor: individuals designated, to the extent authorized under law, to provide confidential services to students.

  • The Confidential Advisor shall be authorized to advise Complainant of, and provide written information regarding, both Complainant’s rights and the University’s responsibilities regarding orders of protection, no-contact orders, restraining orders, or similar lawful orders issues by a court of competent jurisdiction or by the University.
  • The Confidential Advisor shall be authorized to liaise with appropriate staff at the University to arrange reasonable accommodations through the University to allow Complainant to change living arrangements or class schedules, obtain accessibility services, or arrange other accommodations. The same accommodations that are offered to Complainant may be offered to Respondent. Any requests for accommodations shall not trigger an Investigation by the University.
  • The Confidential Advisor shall be authorized to accompany Complainant, when requested to do so by Complainant, to interviews and other proceedings of a campus investigation and University disciplinary proceedings.
  • The Confidential Advisor may, as appropriate, serve as a liaison between Complainant and the University or local law enforcement when directed to do so in writing by Complainant who has been fully and accurately informed about what procedures shall occur if information is shared, and assist Complainant in contacting and reporting to a responsible employee or local law enforcement.
  • The Confidential Advisor shall not be obligated to report crimes to the University or law enforcement in a way that identifies Complainant or Respondent, unless otherwise required to do so by law.

Confidential Advisors at UL Lafayette are:

Saucier Wellness Center
OK Allen Hall, 220 Hebrard Blvd, Lafayette, La 70504
Student Health Services (337-482-1293)
Chris S. Hayes, MD
Madeline S. Husband-Ardoin, RN
Amy Landry, ANP-C
Carla Vidrine, APRN
Deborah Elaine White, APRN-FNP
Michelle Stelly, RN
Jennifer Middleman, LPN
Tanya Joseph, RN

Counseling & Testing Center, Suite 114 (337-482-6480)
Brian P. Frederick, Ph.D.
Kristy D. Fusilier, Ph.D., LPC-S
Ashley Reed, MA, PLPC