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Emergency Resources

The following is emergency law enforcement, medical, and crisis response contact information:

Emergency Resources

Law Enforcement

Medical Providers & Crisis Response

  • Hearts of Hope
    337-233-RAPE (7273)
    Located in Lafayette, LA
    Hearts of Hope provides the survivor with advocacy, counseling, and accompaniment to all medical, forensic, and criminal investigations following an incident of sexual assault or abuse and other related incidents.
  • Faith House
    800-411-1333 (24 hour crisis hotline)
    Faith House provides advocacy, counseling, medical and legal assistance, shelter, safety plans, and accompaniment at hearings for all survivors of interpersonal violence and their children.

All individuals are encouraged to seek the support of on and off campus resources, regardless of when or where the incident occurred. Trained professionals can provide guidance in making decisions, information about available resources and procedural options, and assistance to either party in the event that a report and/or resolution under the Policy is pursued.

As a first priority, the University encourages all individuals to report potential criminal conduct by calling 911 or by contacting the ULPD.

The University also encourages individuals to seek assistance from a medical provider or crisis response service immediately after an incident of Sexual Assault. This provides the opportunity to address physical well-being or health concerns, preserve any available evidence (see for a quick reference on preservation of evidence), acquire preventative treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and begin a timely investigative and remedial response. Emotional care, counseling, and crisis response are also available on and off campus.

The University participates in the Lafayette Parish Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), which allows it to quickly and effectively collaborate with local agencies in responding to reported cases of Sexual Assault. The University maintains a permanent liaison to serve on the SART and participates in all related discussions and trainings. SART works to improve service delivery and response to individuals who have experienced Sexual Assault, including accompaniment in medical care, investigation, collection of forensic evidence, and related counseling. Individuals’ use of these resources does not obligate them to pursue a disciplinary or criminal investigation; however, if they choose to do so, the resources provided by SART are designed to ease the process.

Furthermore, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) are specialized nurses who are trained in examining individuals who have experienced Sexual Assault in a sensitive manner that gathers and retains forensic evidence. If an individual uses SANE services s/he is under no obligation to file a report, but the evidence will be preserved should s/he choose to do so. Hearts of Hope maintains SANE nurses that respond to Lafayette Hospitals as well as St. Martin Hospital. Any survivor of Sexual Assault may request SANE services or to be connected to SART by calling the 24-hour Hearts of Hope hotline at 337-233-RAPE (7273).